Pokeno Bacon


Since 1977

It was 1977 and the New Zealand countryside was much as it is today – a place of clean air, fresh local produce, neighbourly hospitality and a hard day's work.

John and Helen Clotworthy visited a Pokeno farm and curing premise, eager to build a future for their young family. As they climbed out of their green Vauxhall Viva the fresh country air and the honesty of the Pokeno lifestyle filled them with dreams of family life on the farm and aspirations of running their own business. "This is the place for me" announced John, and so Pokeno Bacon was born. As a butcher by trade, John got to work producing quality, home-style pork products cured to perfection. During the years that followed Helen and John brought up their family of four and their business on a foundation of good old country values. Pokeno Bacon continues to quite literally bring home the bacon for local families, farmers and community groups through the employment of forty staff, the use of fresh locally-sourced pork and ongoing support of the local community.


Today the children of the 70's and 80's reminisce as they bring their own children to taste the hot sausages fresh from the pan at the Pokeno Bacon butcher's shop or to enjoy a delicious Pokeno Bacon sandwich from the Mercer café. Pokeno village has become synonymous with Pokeno Bacon.

As the business has grown two of the Clotworthy children have also joined the family business, ensuring that the traditional Pokeno Bacon experience can be enjoyed by many more generations of New Zealanders. Both John and Helen still work in the business and are just as passionate about it as they were all those years ago. Their love of the Pokeno community and the honest country lifestyle still inspire them to stand strong in their values every day.

Pokeno Bacon's pork products taste like fresh farm produce should. Some people even believe they can taste the crisp country air, the tender loving care of care of a family-owned business and the delicate palate of good old fashioned country values.