We support local and use fresh New Zealand Pork, to produce our Pokeno Bacon, Pokeno Ham and Pokeno Sausages, just look for the NZ Pork sticker. Our Angus Beef is locally grazed and comes direct from the Black Family farm. Our New Zealand Lamb is locally supplied from Miranda.

Our specialty is using traditional curing methods, quality ingredients, attention to detail, skilled and passionate staff, this creates consistency every time and a quality, delicious product for you.

Pokeno Bacon Koheroa Beef Farm
Pokeno Bacon Koheroa Beef Farm
Pokeno Bacon Koheroa Beef Farm


Curing is a process dating back to antiquity, adding spices and smoking the bacon which enhances the flavour. Using quality ingredients ensures our products taste the way you remember. We don't use shortcuts or chemical ingredients because we don’t like the taste.

We keep it simple, we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Natural ingredients….did you know celery seeds is a natural curing ingredient used in our Pokeno Bacon?

We hope you enjoy our delicious meat as much as we do!